Player Development Overview

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Player Development Overview
Starting at the U6 level and going to the U18 level, we have put together programs that meet the unique needs of our players as they move through the various ages. 

Teams will receive five pro coach sessions on Saturdays at their game time. The sessions will consist of 45 minutes of technical training followed by a game. 

U7 to U9
Teams have two pre-season pro coach sessions. During the season, teams will be contacted by a club administrator to sign up for an additional three sessions. These will be on turf fields at UBC or Jericho.Teams will sign up for a time on the same night they regularly train to minimize disruption to everyone's schedules. These sessions will see a Vancouver United Staff Coach working from a club curriculum-based practice plan. Team coaches will run the actual practice but will be supported by the professional coach. Teams will get the practice plan ahead of time so they can familiarize themselves with it. 

Teams have one pre-season pro coach session and three practices run by a staff coach at their regularly scheduled practices during the season. THey also get support at two games that wil see the staff coach provide ideas and a practice plan for what the team needs to work on.

U11 & U12 Gold Teams
Pro coach support at these levels is the same as the U7-U9 teams. Teams will participate in weekly Collective Practicecs that will see teams of the same age and gender train trogether on the same field from a practice plan. They will be coached by their team coach, but supported by a professional coach at all these sessions. 

U11 Silver/Bronze, U12 Silver/Bronze & U13 to U18 teams
Pro coaches have been assigned to all these teams and will visit at a regularly scheduled training time.

  • U11 to U15 teams get four practice visits and two game visits.
  • U16 to U18 teams get between two and six practice visits (based on need) and two game visits.

Pro coaches will directly run the training sessions when they are there and provide practice plans and training ideas at games. 

Vancouver United Academy

Information on the VanU Academy can be found here.

VanU Goalkeeper Academy (U8+)

Dates and registration info will be available soon.