ITC International Transfer Certificate

What is an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) and how do I obtain one if required?

All youth aged soccer players registered to play organized soccer with Vancouver United FC are ultimately registered with the Canada Soccer Association (CSA) via the District (Vancouver Youth Soccer Association) and BC Soccer. International FIFA rules state that players may not play for more than one National Soccer Association at a time, so a player previously or currently registered for any National Association other than the CSA may only be registered in Canada after the CSA receives an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) from the player’s former National Association.


Who Requires an ITC?

The following link to BC Soccer’s “International Transfer Certificate Procedures” provides more information on who requires an ITC and what is required:
International Transfer Certificate Procedures (January 2018).

Basically, a potential player may have to complete the ITC process if they are between 10 to 17 years of age, are not Canadian citizen, and have not lived in Canada for longer than five years continuously.


Youth Application Procedures

If the parameters outlined in the linked document apply, complete the International Transfer Certificate Procedures (January 2018). As well, the following MANDATORY documents must be submitted by the player/parents in PDF format.

• Proof of identity and nationality (i.e., passport) – player
• Proof of identity and nationality (i.e., passport) – parents
• Proof of birth date (birth certificate) ‐ player
• Employment contract – parents
• Work permit – parents
• Proof of residence (i.e. proof of home ownership, rental agreement) – player and parents
   ‐ Proof of distance (i.e., Google maps showing location club/residence)
   ‐ Parental authorization


Complete the International Transfer Application as soon as possible since the review and approval process can take a number of weeks once submitted to BC Soccer and the other governing soccer organizations. Submit the application to Lenka at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The club will review the application and mandatory documents, and will then forward them to BC Soccer.

*** There is a $100.00 fee charged by BC Soccer for processing the application. The applicant pays the fee once the ITC is approved.


Please note the following points regarding International Transfer Applications:


1. Documentation Requirements for Minors who are Refugees: With respect to refugees, Canada Soccer is aware of the challenges newcomers have in providing the relevant documentation as required by FIFA. Accordingly, Canada Soccer will consider the mandatory document requirements as having been met provided at least one (1) of the following documents have been provided by both the parent(s) and player(s):
− UNHCR Asylum Seekers Certificate; or
− Canada Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR); or
− Permanent Resident Card

2. Minors with Only One Parent in Canada: With respect to minor players (either refugees, or not) who find themselves in Canada with only one parent, the parent must provide a signed and dated letter detailing the reasons as to why only one parent is currently in Canada (either due to work commitments, divorce, deceased, etc.) Canada Soccer will review to consider this sufficient in order to request the player(s) ITC.

3. Provisional Certificates for ITC applications of minors are only provided in cases where the player will be registering strictly as an amateur with an amateur club with no legal, financial or de facto links to a professional club.

4. International Exchange students ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for an ITC or special request (therefore, are encouraged to participate in soccer at school and at community recreation centres.)

5. CSA DOES NOT communicate directly with District Associations, Clubs, players, or parents regarding ITC applications, questions, or status checks; they only communicate with the provincial body (i.e., BC Soccer.)