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To register for any of our programs, please log onto your Member Account on the link below. 


New Members

If you are new to VanU FC or the new registration system, please ‘CREATE A NEW Stack Sports ACCOUNT' and follow the steps to complete your account set up. Once you have a Stack Sports account created, you are ready to register for any programs that are open for registration.


Programs Currently Open for Registration

Summer Programs
* Summer Camps
* U11-U15 Gold Plus Pre-season Camp

2018-19 Season Programs
* U4-U8 Active Start (born between 2015 - 2011)
* U9-U10 House League (born between 2010 - 2009)
* U11-U12 (born between 2008 - 2007)
* U13-U18 Divisional (born between 2006 - 2001)