Health & Safety

Health & Safety at VanU encompasses a range of important matter from player safety and injury prevention and treatment to ensuring that all volunteers have completed the appropriate Criminal Record Checks. VanU has developed a series of documents to support team officials with their health & safety need. 

Emergency and Injury Policies

1. Safety Personnel - Many teams find it useful to have designated safety personnel, preferably a parent with first aid or medical experience. For any emergency or life-threatening injury, never hesitate to call 911!

First Aid Liaison/First Responder Role Description

2. Medical Information and Emergency Contact Information - VanU will distribute a list of team members, medical numbers, emergency contact information and any specific medical information which is disclosed during registration. Please keep these records in confidence to be used in an emergency. Emergency contact information for all players should be on-site at all games and training sessions. We encourage teams to complete the more detailed Player Medical Form. 

3. First Aid Kits - First Aid Kits are distributed as part of the team equipment package. Please ensure that your kit is replenished as required. Please complete the first aid kit inventory form before returning the kit at the end of the season. 

4. Administering Medications - Coaches and Managers should not, under any circumstances, administer medication to players. Over the counter medications such as Tylenol and Advil may be kept in the first aid kit, but can only be administered to a player by his/her parent. Personal player medications such as inhalers for asthma may be held for the player, but only administered by the player of his/her parent. 

5. Players with Pre-existing Medical Conditions - For any player with a pre-existing medical conditions (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes etc.), information should be declared during registration. In such cases, parents should be advised that team personnel are not authorized to administer medication. Please ensure that there is a clear plan in place with teh parent(s)/guardian(s) in the event of a medical emergency. For any emergency or life-threatening injury, never hesitate to call 911. 

6. Walk-In Clinics and Emergency Departments - It is mandatory for all coaches and managers, or safety personnel, to know exactly where the nearest walk-in clinic and/or hospital is located when going to soccer fields both within and outside Vancouver. 

7. Treatment of Injuries - It is mandatory for all coaches and managers, or safety personnel, to advise the parent(s)/guardian(s) of any medical or first aid treatment given to players, even if it is a treatment to a minor injury. All head injuries should be further monitored and assessed by a medical professional for concussion. 

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